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Lion Mandala

Posted by Ramiza Omerovic on

This new Cooyah Lion Mandala design is fashioned to assist the one who wears it with the power of focused energy and strength. The mandala is an ancient Buddhist and Hindu symbol that helps an individual in gaining new intellectual and spiritual heights. When meditating upon a mandala, it brings one to a trance-like feeling that transcends the physical dimension and moves towards spiritual transcendence. Our Mandala design combined with the head of a Lion will further help you focus your energy on what matters: Loyalty, Strength, Courage, and Love.

St Martin FWI #cooyah shoot

Here we are in St martin doing at shoot for cooyah the reggae brand.The island is French and Dutch in the caribbean.Creators of #cooyah Susan Kreitman and Homer Bair having fun and sun.Feeling irie and happy.

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Bohemian meets reggae festival season summer 2015

This idea came about  after we produced the black Hamsa graphic tee.Let's give the design a throw back look.The response from the store buyers was very positive.A reggae, bohemian vibe spiral dye shirt was born with the new Hamsa art Hand drawn by cooyah artist.We believe that this shirt is a great addition to your summer [...]

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Changing the world one garment at a time #cooyah

The original creators of Cooyah,Homer Bair and Susan Kreitman,with 20+ years experience under their belts,are taking bold steps in a newer andgreener direction with Cooyah Clothing.With fresh new ideas and a new vision,Bair & Kreitman have begun theprocess of “Evolution.”Creation + Evolution = ProgressCooyah translates into “look here” as insee why we have let go [...]

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